Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Arson interrupted a conference I attended last week in Virginia Beach. The Hilton hotel did a good job trying to placate us hungry, cold guests even though it had nothing to do with the fires.
Three fires were set on three different floors. I stayed on the 14th floor, where one fire was, another on the 6th and the 2nd. Pretty scary really since the police had to go room by room to look for the suspect(s) who they feared were still in the hotel. Officials still have not arrested anyone.
The sprinkler system did not go off in my room despite the fire being caddy corner to my room (it was started in the maid's area where extra towels etc are kept). I was impressed with the sprinklers.
I was on the second floor (I didnt see anything except employees with fire extinguishers) when the fire started. NOW- I go everywhere with my cell and wallet. Thankfully I did have my room key so when I was allowed to my room 4 hours later, I could retrieve my 'necessities'
Otherwise I had a fabulous time at the beach. I got to run on the sidewalk (this Saturday I run a mile!) and hang out with fun colleagues, oh and I learned a lot!

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