Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Heras test results

This is old news by now; Roberto Heras's B sample test results were positive. He of course is in denial, just like they all are after these tests. See recent posts about Tyler Hamilton who continues to deny EPO use. Happily Tyler is half way through his suspension. Heras in order to make a come back will have to confess...I can always hope that these guys are not cheating and are victims of a bad test, right?
It is sad when such great riders feel as though they have to dope. Cycling is one of the few pure sports out there, it will be hard to overcome the tarnish of the cheaters.

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Chris said...

I blame the sponsors. When an established team like Euskaltel-Euskadi are the recipients of comments from their sponsor as

"We want to continue, but they have to give us a reason to do so," Euskaltel president José Antonio Ardanza told the Spanish daily AS. "The future of the group doesn't depend on the sponsors or the fans, but nearly completely on the team." Euskaltel Under Pressure

after a respectable season including winning two mid-major stage races, the Tour de Suisse and Dauphine Libere, (and I may add that the win at the Dauphine Libere, being run in the Pyrenees, plays directly to Euskaltel's customer base in the Basque region of Spain), it looks like an unreasonable amount of pressure exerted on the teams and riders.