Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some much to say

I have been extremely busy this week therefore I have lots to say, but not enough time to say it.

Yeah Tim Kaine! While I wouldnt have choosed him as my heir apparent, I am grateful he won. Kilgore was a truly uninspired choice for the Republicans.
I see a bruising primary battle in 2010 for both Dems and Republicans if McDonnell wins. If Creigh wins, I hope he can appeal to the whole state in the next 4 years. Bolling is not a good choice for Virginia. How did so many people who voted for Kaine, vote for Bolling. Byrne and Bolling are polar opposites, so are Kaine and Bolling. I suppose I answered my own question.
Yeah David Toscano- was there any doubt.

Is the day after the election for thinking of the future elections? Or is it for celebrating/mourning the just past election? I say let us have a moment or two to breath, Christmas shop, gather for Thanksgiving, then lets get down to the business of politicking again. Even the Senate Judiciary committee set the Alito hearings for January, surely we can put aside campaigning for next year till then?

Well to answer the question for the elected school board- probably not since Schilling will no doubt bring his ward system proposal again at the next City Council meeting. As for other offices lets take a break.

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