Monday, November 21, 2005

Good eats

As I had to be at the Paramount at 4:30 on Thursday for the two Vince Gill concerts I volunteered for, by the time the show started, I was famished. Walking in a daze to find quick, yummy food I happened upon Marco & Luca ' s Noodle Shop. The shop doesnt accept credit cards (but that is ok because everything is so cheap, you probably have the change in your car). The selection is not large: dumplings and noodles. While I sat eating my delicious dumplings, it occurred to me I was glad the shop didnt have a huge menu, the less to choose from the easier for me to make a decision. Decision making has not been my strong suit since the kids arrived.
Speaking of children, I liked that the owners children were playing in the restaurant. Very friendly people with cheap good food. My only fear is that they wont last long- so go eat dumplings and keep them in business.

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