Saturday, May 20, 2006

What a day!

May is a great month to be in Charlottesville, exams slow the students down, then they go to the beach, finally there is one gloriously exciting weekend where graduating students and their families descend to spend lots of money and celebrate. That weekend is upon us.

Me...I graduated awhile ago, Chris graduated after that and there may be a few stragglers out there I know graduating but no one is crashing at my place (unlike football/foxfield weekends).

Nonetheless, there is excitement in Jennifer's Charlottesville.

I went to my first nominating convention today as a delegate. (I did attend the 1992 convention in NYC as a volunteer but that was WAY different than today's fun time).
First, I drove with three of the most fascinating women, and for once I did a lot of listening, how could I compete? why would I want to? Really! Rwanda, the disappearance of native languages, local, national, global politics...discussions such as these reminds me why I read; sometimes while raising children one (I) forgets why one(I) wants to read and keep up, I remember now and will try to make time to do it more frequently (besides the paper which of course I read everyday).

OH right then Al was nominated! Not an overwhelming surprise but exciting and satisfying regardless.

James Webb (be sure to turn the sound down when clicking, he talks) and Harris Miller campaigns were in full swing. Still undecided, but leaning one way, then again maybe not. I am not impressed with these candidates.

Go see Al at one (or more) of his kick-off events!

FINALLY, I volunteered at the Paramount. I had the lonely job again with the benefit today of looking out on the downtown mall for hours watching all the happy people, so well dressed, walk with their families. I really enjoyed watching the sunset while the people below ate, laughed, walked, and soaked in the day. When evening fell, it was just as sweet. I didnt watch the show since I was 'watching the world go by'.

Tomorrow David is in his first race on his 'big boy' bike (with training wheels), daddy races first though. Leonardtown, MD is really far when the race is at 9:00AM.

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Chris said...

Not a bad half-day trip, but a quite draining day trip.