Monday, May 15, 2006

Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival

Seeing as how I have lived or been associated with the Charlottesville area for 21 years, I thought it may be time to go to Crozet for the festival. I spoke to an artisian who told me the show is juried, meaning every year he has to reapply to get a spot in the show. The art on display is quite fantastic and some of it is reasonably priced. Of course I travel without money so I dont buy everything up, but next time I will likely go again and attempt to buy some of the great things I saw this show.
The next show is October 7 and 8th.
The festival also has live shows and food. For the boys it has the additional benefit of having two enclosed playgrounds (a big hit).
$4 to get in. The weather is not too big of an issue because everything is under tents. We did get there during a break from the torrential rain. Thankfully.

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