Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bern Mailer

Bern apparently is not conceding. Instead he would like to persuade (?) those delegates who are supporting AL not to give up on Bern because "it is far from over". Bern misrepresents his totals and strength in Southside Virginia and invites me (along with others) to joint the Ewert team.

While I believe no self respecting Al supporter would support Bern at this point I find it remarkable Bern would want me to ally myself with him even though I am morally committed to Al. The convention is in ten days, I will of course continue to support Al.

Al is the best candidate to beat Virgil, he knows THIS district (not the district of twenty almost thirty years ago or the one right next to the district). Al has the organization, talent and experience to beat Virgil and to be an effective congressman.

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Michael Snook said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Still not sure how everyone is reacting to Bern's shenanigans but Al's campaign isn't really saying much about it and so far the responses all sound like yours.