Thursday, May 04, 2006

May Sweeps

Something has come over me...I have hardly watched any tv the past month. When it was April it was ok because the shows were in reruns, but now it is May sweeps and it is May 4th and I still havent got it together to watch original episodes of my favorite shows. Which shows are they?
West Wing I know Santos won, but havent watched in two weeks and there arent that many shows to go- I already told Chris I want this season on DVD when it comes out
Lost I keep up with this through the tv recaps but I am just not as interested in this program as last season.
Gilmore Girls- but I dont get that station so I already wanted this season on DVD prior to the season starting (although from televisionwithoutpity's recaps it does not seem that interesting).
General Hospital- again no need to actually watch the shows to keep up online.
MY DVD recorder has been failing me so it was a sign for me just to let go because I barely have time to watch any shows.
Tonight the Office is on and I will drop everything to see what those zany characters are doing (or not depends on what things I am doing).
What have I been doing instead of watching tv?
Playing with David & Andrew (since it is light so late, they want to stay up late)
Ice Park victory party
Dinner with friend
Volunteer for Al
Working (joys of working from home)
and working some more
Of course the house is still a disaster

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