Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Home office v. Actual office

Now that I work outside of my home I find I walk more. Before I would walk mostly to put the laundry in the dryer, now I walk to get coffee, go to lunch, the post office, all sorts of things I didnt do prior.

However, I cant take a nap in the middle of the day (not that I need to much anymore-thankfully), I dont do the laundry until the weekends now and I dont have everything I could possibly want within a 1300 sq ft area.

NOW I have to plan- lunch? I dont remember how to pack a lunch, I just sit here in my office and think 'what is in here I could eat for lunch?' the answer is peanuts (literally and figuratively), good brain food but not satisfying for lunch. Fortunately I work close to the downtown mall so I buy lunch but that is so expensive after awhile. Also I have to plan what to wear, actually put makeup on prior to coming to the office (instead of on the way to meet someone) and keep a jacket at the office that inevitably I will need at home on the weekends for whatever silly reason.

My question is- what do you have in your office to make you feel at home at the office? Coffee maker, fridge, microwave, tv, a ball for a chair, or is the internet enough? What snacks are a must have? I cant seem to think what I should keep here in our fridge so I can eat healthy snacks- I need some guidance.

The adjustment is happening, but I want to have good habits not bad ones.


StLmom said...

I'm in a home office now, but in my outside office days I liked to keep crackers, trail mix and dried fruit handy -- also tomato "soup at hand" for days when there simply is no "lunch time." Since I rarely take a lunchbreak in my home office, I still stock the pantry with the same stuff so I can slip upstairs, stock up, and get back to work.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tips, sounds better than the chewy candy given to me by a vendor.