Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Revenue sharing

For five minutes yesterday I was able to listen to Charlottesville...Right Now. During those five minutes, my blog was mentioned. I have to say this is quite thrilling. Thank you to Brian and Coy for the shout out.

The real reason for the mention was the post and comments regarding revenue sharing agreement between the County of Albemarle and Charlottesville. Brian Wheeler from Charlottesville Tomorrow has researched the issue & he discussed it with Coy yesterday. The podcast is not up yet, but here is Charlottesville Podcasting network website,I assume the segment will be podcasted and be up tomorrow. Brian also has some comments on Charlottesville Tomorrow's website.

Thanks for the lively discussion, many in this town have a lot of knowledge and we get to benefit from it.


Sean Tubbs said...

Jennifer, the podcast is now posted here... here if you'd like to make an official link of it somewhere.

Jennifer said...

Thanks a lot Sean, appreciate the work you and the Network do!

Blair said...

Thanks for talking about annexations and revenue sharing. Some people may remember I ran as an independent write-in for Charlottesville City Council in 2000. My main plank was to stop revenue sharing because the free, unaccountable revenue is hurting city residents and city-county relations.

I disagree with Brian that the county cannot get out of an agreement that the current voters and their representatives did not enter into. I have given several speeches on this issue and once said no generation has the authority to enter into agreements that bind their children and grandchildren.

I once saw an old graphic from the '70s showing the real annexation monster-- how Cville has grown about 120 times its original land area. Thanks for talking about this issue.

Blair said...

1. Graphic of city growth through annexations
2. Chart show city's square miles following each annexation.

Annexation Monster

And a few more comments since your post.