Monday, May 22, 2006

Today's Lecture

Driving Marina back to her house today, we pass a bike rider driving in the middle of traffic lanes, on a road with bike lanes. I think 'fine, there are crazy riders out there, this one did not wear a helmet due to his clear insanity'. Marina notes that she does not wear a helmet (silent screaming...).

There are two things I tell people silently when I pass them, one is "dont let them search your car" to people who are pulled over by the police. I respect the work officers are doing, but I find there are few opportunities for us law abiding folks to exercise our rights and when pulled over is certainly one of those times. Just have the officer get a warrant to search- no big deal. *

To return to the topic of today's lecture- the second thing I say is "WEAR A HELMET" to riders without a helmet. I say it silently of course, grateful that Chris and David have no problems wearing a helmet (Andrew is learning). Sometimes I see a biker not wearing a helmet correctly and I may say to myself "read the directions".

For riders under 14 it is unlawful not to wear a helmet. Marina wear a helmet or risk a citation by the police (but dont let them search you)! For adults, please set a good example "for the children" (I usually run from anything that has that phrase in it).

So I probably didnt wear a helmet when I was little (cant remember too many bumps), and I am not for legislating these things. But I do think wearing a seatbelt and putting kids properly in carseats and wearing a helmet while riding a bike helps the EMT's at the rescue squad & other first responders have less nightmares.

* As a disclaimer - all of this is information, based on my personal (read not legal) opinion and does not constitute legal advice for your individual circumstance.

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