Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cycling about town

Tour of Shenandoah is over. Priority Health's Brent Bookwalter won his first General Classification race. I got a chance to stop by the festivities after the race, the guys were quite happy- champagne and trophies littered the parking lot. Congratulations to Priority Health.

The final stage is a criterium in Waynesboro. Waynesboro is at the base of the mountains, so one may think the crit is relatively flat- one would be wrong. The course is brutal and Chris was (and is still) feeling laid up from allergies. So he put in a few good laps before being called off (DNF). Certainly several riders didnt finish and he was one of the last to be called off. He was hurtin'. But a teammate of his did finish strong (Dave). The race was really exciting since the riders came by twenty times, the race unfolded in front of us. At one point a rider had a huge breakaway going, but in two or three laps the peloton had reeled him in. A UVA cyclist won. I cant complain about that result. I dont know who won the omnium and I cant find it on the ToS website.

Wintergreen Ascent (a time trial) is next. Chris is going to the doctor today so perhaps he will get some relief from the allergies and be in good form on Saturday. He loves the mountains, but this is just insane.

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