Friday, February 01, 2008

Tidbits- Britney, Yahoo, LOST and VOTE

If Microsoft gets bought out by Yahoo! what happens to Hotmail and MSN services? I use tons of MS products, but I dont want them to control Yahoo! It is a visceral response- I cant help it, maybe it is good...then again I am not that naive.

I got a call from the Hillary campaign; she is seeking my endorsement- that is too funny to me, not because I like Obama but because who am I? Have you been called by national campaigns? Also, Please VOTE on February 12th if you are registered. I dont care who you vote for, it is critical that we participate in the process.

I am actually relieved to hear Britney may be sick. If she is sick, she can get better. The Heath Ledger story did stop TMZ from being the "ALL Britney, All the Time" network for a day. I love gossip, but Britney is not gossip, she is ill and I believe tabloids and gossip columnists need to give it a rest. What if she had another illness where she was on chemo or something awful, would the tabloids post photos of her as she was vomiting or losing her hair? I dont appreciate the disparity in concern v. mocking for mental illness versus physical illness. Compassion is necessary for both mental and physical illness.

LOST is back and I am grateful- edge of my seat drama and I really believe the writers may actually know what they are doing and the viewers wont get led astray and deflated.

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