Saturday, February 16, 2008

Out of the mouths

I scheduled Marina to babysit for us recently. We have not seen her since August. I get off the phone after chatting with her to arrange this and David says "I love Marina".

David really wanted to roller skate today. He took forever getting all of the pads, skates and helmet on. As a good mom, I hovered and held his hand. I was having fun. Suddenly David stops "Mom you are driving me crazy, you are making me fall". OK, I just followed him closely after that (and did catch him a few times, but he did real well).

A story recently told to me about Andrew. At Smith Mountain Lake, riding in a pontoon boat- he is trying to figure out motorboats and non-motorboats...ok I wasnt there, the story is much better than this- the punchline involves him slowly turning around, pointing his finger at my dad and saying "you were wrong grandpa" apparently this is a first for grandpa- Andrew lives to tell the tale. Hilarity ensued.

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mckora said...

Sorry about the caffiene induced insomnia. Cute stories.