Thursday, February 21, 2008

Foul-stop whining

Howard Kurtz's article today focuses on the network's decision to cut to the Obama speech on Tuesday while Hillary was speaking (and had a tangetial element of the alleged breach of etiquette made by Obama).

I think it was a great political move by Obama, experienced & calculated political move even. I didnt get to watch it- and I would be annoyed if the situation was reversed. But here is the situation, Hillary is going to go on and on, in her monotone voice, she is not going to concede, further she likely will throw verbal jabs toward Obama for the balance of her speech. And she went on stage an hour after she was supposed to- is it really cutting away if you dont follow the rules? (we could use that same analysis in FL and MI too).

What would you do? Of course, you take the stage away from her- you are the winner, you define the night and the agenda. Experienced, politically savvy move on Obama's part.

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