Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More task force vetting

The CDBG task force is in the middle of reviewing RFPs and narrowing the field of proposals [pdf-quick guide to cdbg money/requirements] to a reasonable number. The task force has less than $400,000 to allocate. We have $1.7 million in requests. The hard work the members put in is dramatic but we have a commitment to balancing the interests of the taxpayer and the nonprofits serving truly needy people.

Some of the CAHIP money- the Charlottesville Housing Fund was recently allocated by our committee. A lot of that money went to Region 10 (Home First), AHIP (rehab), PHA (to maintain housing for disabled people) and Habitat for Humanity- along with some other smaller allocations. As Chair of the task force I believe Housing Fund applications should continue to flow through the CDBG task force (even if it is misnamed) for vetting. I prefer if staff/City Council arent the only people making the decisions. The members really check each other for conflicts and what is best for those served and the taxpayers. Besides Council always has the final say, why not allow an application process to continue?

City Council has the last word on this work- they will vote at their first March meeting. The final recommendations of the Task Force will be in the paperwork preceeding the meeting (we havent completed the recommendations yet).

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