Saturday, February 16, 2008

How to go to Denver in August (dem/cville)

In the 5th district there are 4 delegates to be choosen for the Democratic Convention in Denver (and one alternate). The State Party determines how many for Clinton, how many for Obama. Tentatively, the 5th likely will have 3 Obama delegates and one Hillary, I dont know who the alternate will end up being. BTW- the 5th district is huge, it isnt only Charlottesville-ALbemarle people who will have the opportunity to become a delegate.

To become a delegate one must show up at the City Caucus (or your county's caucus). At the caucus we will nominate delegates to the 5th district convention. You must be one of these delegates to even be considered. The delegates will then head to the
5th district convention where the national delegates will be elected. Politics and numbers play a critical role in determining whether you become a delegate. I have no idea how many folks will show up for the Caucus, or frankly how many delegates will attend the 5th district convention (I am sure it is a fixed number, likely 100 or so) therefore to choose 5 will be difficult.

In 1992 I went to the convention in New York City. How? I volunteered. It was awesome, electric and unforgettable. If you are not choosen as a delegate, I encourage you to volunteer- I mean you were going to spend the money in Denver anyway!

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