Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Random Trip to NoVA

This past weekend in the spirit of spontaneity, we traveled to visit our friends who recently bought, but have not moved into, a new house. A fine time was had by all. The boys made their first real trip into DC. And by real I mean they could actually enjoy it instead of just going along for the ride.
First we took the Metro, our friend is from NYC so at some point the boys heard the term subway, David shortened it to "sub"- was he hungry? I dont think so, but he had the greatest time on the Metro- indeed a highlight of the trip for him.

Andrew on the other hand, spent the entire time (except for the time it took to take this photo) on mommy's lap, frightened of moving fast. "I was sad because the train moved very fast and I dont like fast" were his words. In writing it isnt nearly as cute as when he says it haltingly and with his "r"'s all messed up. He wanted to walk home from the Mall. I think we would still be walking.

So we ventured from the escalator to the Mall, the boys not so impressed with the Capital as I thought they should be. They were much better on their way out.
but that is only because they thought they were going on the merry-go-round, which they did not.

We went to the museum in between Metro rides. The Smithsonian is free and this could not be a better deal for parents. We rode into the city, spent an hour and a half at the museum and came home. If we had spent any money we have to spend more time, which equals crankiness and hassles for parents. The boys really wanted to go into the interactive room of the Natural History Museaum, which is beyond the dinosaurs and fossils. They enjoyed seeing the bones. The interactive room is not really anything to write home about. I am not in charge and perhaps there isnt the money, but the museum could do a lot more with the kids interactive room. That didnt stop the boys from having fun and exploring what the room did have in it.

I dont remember going to these museums until we moved to Virginia in 8th Grade. We did go to the museums in Chicago when we lived there- Art Institute is amazing and really where I began to love (if not understand) art. And the Museum of Science and Industry- I had irrational fears of, but I fondly remember some of its exhibits. I dont ever remember being able to go on the Merry-go_Round and I think my kids may be in the same boat.

We got back to Cville in time for the important part of the "Big Game", how did he make that catch? Next weekend-JJDinner

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