Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another reason to vote for Obama

Hillary thinks we need to "get real" about the issues facing America and vote for her. What is she thinking- that we are so blinded by the rhetorical superiority of Obama that we voters arent thinking realistically?
Hillary's arguments are circular, she is negative on Obama and voters, America is drowning in bad things (the Rovian politics of fear over accomplishment) so we should vote for her? I am still at work so I wont be able to complete that logic- someone else can, but I did want to put in this post "Rovian politics of fear" as a Hillary principle in opposition to Obama's politics of hope and "can do"ness. The voters dont need to get real, we are perfectly well aware of the 8 years of travesty we are enduring, she is just part of the problem, not the solution, she should get real and drop out already. How much longer is she willing to divide the party for her own personal ambition (maybe not divide-perhaps 1/4 it)? We will see if she can put any interests above her own in the next week or so...

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mckora said...

I would not be surprised if during an Obama Presidency that Hilary would be the biggest thorn in his side.
As soon as she concedes, she will be running for the spot in 2012.