Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How to volunteer in cville and the Obama video certainly you have seen.

Donate to Obama's campaign-NOW. The presidency should not be bought by those who have a greater personal fortune. For those unable to donate or want to help even more see below.

The local Obama supporters need local volunteers to serve as:
Donors of space for Staging Locations - this could be an office or a living room.
Staging Location directors
Phone bank captains
Canvas captains (for precincts or neighborhoods)
Precinct captains (available by phone if anyone needs help or information)
Comfort captains (to keep the coffee and snacks flowing, offering the occasional band-aid or shoulder rub)
as well as lots of:
Phone callers
Door-to-door canvassers
We also continue to need office volunteers, bake sale bakers, sign wavers & poll workers. What can you do? Please contact Kristin at

Obama Events this weekend (if you are not going to the JJ dinner)
Intersection Rallies - come wave banners and signs for Obama - 10 a.m. - noon
On the corner of Barracks Rd & Emmett - at the parking lot of ALC Copies
On the sidewalk at the corner of Hydraulic & 29 - in front of Import Car Store
On the corner of McIntire and Main Street - in front of the Federal Building

Bake sale downtown at the Obama office (108 W. Main Downtown Mall), 12-4
A lecture - Obama talk - by Brookings Fellow Dr. Susan E. Rice, Senator Obama's chief advisor on foreign policy
Where: UVA's Clark Hall, Room 108
When: Saturday at 2:30

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Anonymous said...

The only candidate that would've changed things for real is Ron Paul. Obama won't change shit. He's just a different flavor of the same old crap. He's pro Isreal and pro war, pro big government...he's in the CFR. Did cocaine in the past. You'll see.