Monday, September 04, 2006

The great outdoors

I have told Chris "I do not enjoy camping," so of course many of the Labor Day weekends I have known him, I have spent camping with his family and him at Lake Gaston. Charlottesville is so different than the rest of the world is my conclusion.

What is it that draws people to camping; peace and quiet, back to nature, comraderie among campers, drawing from ones own skills to survive? Here are some brief reflections: smoking, noisy motor boats and jet skis, yelling and cursing, ill-mannered children victimizing younger children, motor homes with satellite tv and air conditioning, & smoking. All of my senses were embattled, not the way one expects when camping.

I actually do like camping a little bit, unfortunately lots of elements of this weekend reminded me why I dont like camping. Thankfully Chris does lots of the heavy lifting and soon the boys will be old enough to go with daddy and mom can go to the spa (right!).


Chris said...

Just wanted to clarify that NONE of the nastiness between "smoking" and "smoking" in the post was perpetrated by my family!!!

Jennifer said...

To be clear, Chris and his family were delightful and we all really had a good time, no hard feelings with the family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer... this is your old Glen Ellyn friend Caroline. :) Glad I found you again! This post reminds me of our 5th grade trip to the Morton Arboretum... Ahhh good times!

Jennifer said...

How cool, I dont remember a thing about that school trip, how do you remember these things, dont you have two kids that eat away your brain?? How are you?? Email me.