Monday, September 18, 2006

I'm it

Thanks to the tag by Marijean, here goes, so check her answers out- they are pretty funny.

1. If you make sweet tea, or your favorite style, do you use Luzianne, Lipton or something else? Whatever, I love the shaken teas at Starbucks (passionfruit) so I intend to make sweet tea using the passionfruit tea in my cabinet (heresy I know).

2. What brand of toilet paper do you buy and is it the larger rolls or regular?
Quilted Northern or Charmin, I am a price point kind of girl. I prefer the larger because I hate changing the roll so constantly (& it is only me who changes it).

3. Which brand of bath soap do you use? Body wash or bar?
We have been using Oil of Olay- but I will buy Dove unscented per Wendy's suggestion for A's skin issues. I use Aveeno body wash right now, I experiment & so do the kids.

4. What cereal do you buy for yourself?
Right now, Raisin Bran- again I experiment

5. What brand of dishwasher detergent do you use? Liquid or tablets?
Cascade liquid, but I recently bought the Target brand, I will let you know how it goes...

6. What’s your favorite fruit?
I enjoy the perfect nectarine, grape, watermelon or piece of pineapple

7. Which brand of laundry detergent do you use?
All-free- or whatever it is, the white bottle, helps Chris and A with their sensitive skin.

8. Do you like chocolate?
I like it so much, I have to give it up for Lent.

9. Are you right or left-handed?
Right Handed- how can my kids be demonstrating such left handed tendencies?

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