Thursday, September 28, 2006

New ad, questioning the amendment

Thankfully I had been warned about the new ad Virgil Goode is running, so when I saw it this evening I could laugh instead of be angry. Two things I really enjoy about the ad:
1) when Virgil Goode is trying to make the point about Al running a negative campaign, up flashes the headline "Weed admits error," it could not be a more perfect illustration of the difference between Virgil Goode and Al- Al admits, Goode denies and lies.
2) Goode calls himself an independent- I love that considering in a Cingular ad later it defined independent as without bias...(& something else)- and I thought how thoughtful of the tv wizards to define it since Goode so clearly is not unbiased or independent, he is clearly beholden to special interests, the Republican party and the President. Independent is standing up for what you believe honorably.

Independent thinkers QUESTION, ARGUE, DEMAND free from the ties that bind.
So the commercial got me a little fired up, it will only inspire me as I prepare for the full-fledged get out the vote campaign just beginning.

Also, driving down Rt. 20 yesterday I saw a "Vote Yes" on the so-called Marriage Amendment, really quite close to Charlottesville. I suppose I thought the supporters were further away and were organizing behind pseudonyms, closed doors and very conservative churches. Help me fight this terrible amendment to the Bill of Rights, the legislature has already banned civil unions, marriages between same sex couples and many other contractual rights opposite sex couples have, it is completely antithetical & unnecessary to constitutionalize this BS- THERE IS NO THREAT TO YOUR FAMILY (just mine). Support marriage by making it more difficult for opposite sex couples to get married or meaningful family leave policies or health insurance or any number of policies that would benefit families. VOTE NO on question #1.

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