Friday, September 15, 2006

Sleep deprivation

This is the second night this week I am wide awake at all hours of the night, what gives? I had my last bit of caffeine around 4:00, perhaps that is it, but that was almost twelve hours ago. I guess sitting in training all day did me no good, exercise would have been good.

I am all for taking cville tagged flickr photos off the aggregator, but then we get some good photos. In particular, I value Outskirts, Bill Emory, Waldo and Trish'spictures, but usually those folks put the photos on their blogs not on flickr. This may be a better way instead of seeing everybodies pictures of the UVA v. Wyoming game or the drunk photos afterwords.

Then again I have not slept.


emory said...

hey Jennifer- I agree with fine-tuning the aggregator. Most irritating when 20 photos of someone's party pushes worthwhile material off of Charlottesville blogs

Steve Whitaker said...

Sorry about the sleep thing. I go through that myself, quite a bit; even had to go so far as to see someone at UVA for a while about it. Email me if you want some tips -

Jennifer said...

Thanks Steve, if it continues this weekend, you will be hearing from me.
Bill- totally agree. Waldo says he is working on it. No doubt he will do a better job than me.