Thursday, September 28, 2006

tv et. al

Lisa DeMoraes' column this morning details the downfall of the Gilmore Girls. I admit I am usually one to just go with the flow, I have never and likely would never write or call a comment line for a tv show to give my input since it is tv, not politics. I like that other people write it, and generally I trust the judgment since I presume the writers, producers, directors are all more familiar with the characters than me.

I have been on some sites where those fans want to change the storyline of certain things, me I usually dont care if I dont like it I will fast forward, or horrors...not watch.

I think Gilmore Girls is a fun show, but this season premiere on Tuesday was not that fun. Lorelai- the cool mom- gives ultimatum to fiance, he needs time so she runs to Rory's (the cool daughter) father- the episode was the reprecussions from that decision. Luke -the aggrieved fiance- has a car land in his diner causing significant damage and then at the end declares his love to Lorelai and says yes lets go get married right now- so what does she do? Stab him with a knife in his heart metaphorically by telling him of her indiscretion with Rory's dad (I can hear it now 'we were on a break').

We like Luke, we do not like Chris (Rory's dad) (some of us fans do, but come on he has trampled on Lorelai's heart way too much). This twist and turn could have just been a dream (I say that because the producer Amy Palladino left the show because of a contract dispute so she allegedly trashed the storylines prior to leaving; if I were the new producer, I think I would have made it all a dream and had Luke and Lorelai get married and have babies- that would have produced lots of drama too).

I care about this show, but I will have to stop watching if Chris and Lorelai get together and Luke's life becomes more and more trashed. I cannot see a satisfying conclusion to the disaster that is this storyline.

This rant about a tv show is over.

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