Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Misc. Thoughts

First, Hurricane John is a Cat. 4 hurricane, um does anyone care? The news is all about Ernesto and that is now a tropical depression and folks in central VA are stocking up on supplies for when that strong rain storm hits. Incongruent. BTW- what is the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane?

Next, I really appreciate the musical interludes on Charlottesville...Right Now - but none can possibly compete with the theme from Dora the Explorer (after Coy's daughter says "youre listening to my dad on Charlottesville...Right Now" or something like that. Anyway, the kids LOVE it! I always smile, even when the kids arent in the car and it comes on. David says "Dora" real loud whenever it comes on.

Finally, a follow-up in WaPo re: dinner to go places. Marijean recently asked about such a place in the 'ville, alas the answer is no as far as I can tell. If anyone wants to open one, I know a family or two who may jump at the opportunity to patronize such a business. Please...I know it wont be in town though, I suppose I would drive to the North of town occassionally to have meals made for those nights it is too crazy to make meal.


Waldo Jaquith said...

Typhoons are in the Pacific, hurricanes are in the Atlantic. Both may be properly referred to as a cyclone.

mckora said...

At the risk of sounding like a super nerd; hurricanes are in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific, typhoons are in the western Pacific and the Indian ocean has cyclones.All the same type of storm. Hence the storm off Mexico is called a hurricane.

Jennifer said...

I thought typhoons were in the Pacific, but then John is a hurricane. Isnt it strange to have different words based on geography? Fascinating. Thanks for the clarification.

StLmom said...

If someone opens a Let's Dish-type place I'm renting a bandwagon and driving all over Charlottesville to pick all y'all up. We can only wait and see, I guess, but I'm all for recruiting (Super Suppers?) someone to open a make your own dinner joint.