Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More random thoughts

Since I can barely find time to blog anymore, I can not really find the inclination to come up with good titles, darn.

1) It is fun to have Lexi back in town and blogging more. I laugh out loud recalling the days of wanting to catch up on reading but just watching football instead. Like I told Chris today, I would like to spend Saturday watching football all day- alas the boys will not let that happen. I am just jealous.

2) Tomorrow I attend my first meeting of the Parks & Rec advisory committee. On a sidenote, dont live in this town and complain about anything, unless you plan on doing something about it. Thanks to Peter & Mike who sent me lots of information so that I may approach the committee with a little background.

3) I went to the Festival of the Dog this weekend at Meade Park. That is a really good idea, let the dogs go swimming in the pool that is about to be drained. Much to Chris's dismay, Buddy is not a swimming dog, Chris has the scratches to prove it.

4) Wow that UVA football game (UVA (13) v. Wyoming (12)) was boring. OK the last five minutes do make up for the sunshine and heat of the first 60 minutes. As a good UVA alum, I do love singing the Good Ol' Song and winning! Actually we got the tickets from our friends, and I am glad we got to take the boys to a game this year.

Prior to entering the University, I had never attended a game despite having lived here for thirteen years. Since my time at the University, the stadium seems to have been disneyfied- with the words on the screen and ads ongoing throughout the game, the $5 drinks and the very high ticket prices. UVA baseball and soccer are still great values for families. Funny thing someone said behind us "the whole state of Wyoming came out for this game" its true there were a surprising number.

5) Attention all bike riders, this weekend is the Century Challenge at Old Trail to benefit the Boys & Girls Club. The weekend is full of events, a dinner on Saturday (for those who raised $500), and a roll-out of the Century riders at 7:00. The Century riders include a group of kids who have been training specifically for this ride (some rode the Extreme Century a few weeks ago), they never really rode this way before, so it is really exciting. If you are out that way on Sunday, go cheer them on! Also, we will be riding the 31 mile ride, Chris as usual will be pulling the kids in the trailer so I can keep up with him! There is a family fun ride around the golf course between 10-12 for free!! Look for us, I will be the one next to the guy who is not sweating after a long bike ride pulling two kids. Oh and I went on a twenty mile practice ride on Sunday- I did great according to Chris.

6) The new TV season has begun! I am so excited, although I have very little time to actually watch tv, I am thrilled that tivo and our media center will be recording shows I can eventually watch. I am particularly thrilled that this year I get to watch the Gilmore Girls on Channel 29.3 starting 9/19, the previews look so great, I cant wait. I followed the storylines on television without pity last season, but it is just not the same. (This year I have elected not to watch Prison Break but to read the recaps). Also Grey's Anatomy starts 9/21- after Meredith makes her decision, will we still want to watch? I cant wait. And Lost, I just cant get excited about it, I will follow it somehow though.

7) I want everyone to apply for Boards and Commission appointments in the jurisdictions they are in, it is a great opportunity to make a difference in your community. The big name boards are tough to get on, but also require the most amount of time and commitment. The obscure boards are awesome and desperately need creative, enthusiastic folks to participate.

The CDBG Task Force is a great example, the task force distributes relatively little money, but with that money a lot of people are helped, how that money is distributed is essential and the task force generally gets to make the decision. I really want to encourage folks who are in 'target neighborhoods' to apply for the positions that are opening this coming year. Target neighborhoods are Belmont, Rose Hill, Fifeville, 10th & Page, Starr Hill, Ridge Street. The people on the task force are enthusiastic, we are making our own path and hopefully serving those target neighborhoods in ways that generate positive change (without gentrifying, we could really use some voices to help us with that).

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