Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bloggers about town

Met with Marijean for lunch, delightful, as usual. We even planned the blogfest (see below).

Last night I met Tom McCrystal. I enjoyed being out of my element at the Neon Guild. Everyone, including Tom was very welcoming. Tom works a lot with technology issues on a statewide level, I look forward to his policy posts. Other bloggers present Semitruth's Sean, BA21, JMRL (she was from the library, but she may not have been the blogger), although I didnt get to talk to everyone, perhaps at the gathering (see below).

Previous announcement:
Just in time for the 200th blogger to come on board the cvilleblog.com aggregator, we are pleased to announce the second cvilleblogger gathering tomorrow (just kidding) it is really on Saturday, September 30 at 10:00AM at Cville Coffee located at 1031 Harris St, their phone number is (434) 817-2633.

Marijean and I will be posting regularly to remind everyone as the day gets closer. We look forward to seeing some of you again and meeting others for the first time.

Very casual (I promise not to wear a suit) and bring the family. BYOC (buy your own coffee). If you are coming, feel free to let us know through our comments section or via email.

THANK YOU- see you on September 30th!

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