Tuesday, March 21, 2006

NYC Shuttle

"Cool Honey"'s post intrigued me. Heck- I am going to NYC- I prefer not to drive by myself- maybe I should take the Starlight Express!? Maybe I will run into the mayor, if not I will ride with fellow Charlottesvillians and support a Charlottesville business.

News weeklies & iriver in hand I went forth for the grand city. It was cold on the way up but comfortable. Dennis is a crazy driver, but I suppose that is what we want- for the driver to get us there as quick as possible. Unfortunately NJ turnpike had a back-up so we did not arrive until 1:00ish AM. No problem though, I was glad to be there.

It is kind of a mystery where to pick the bus up in NY; there are no signs. There is at least a sign in c'ville. The bus arrived and helped clear up the confusion on where to pick the bus up. I did not (against my better judgment) get a burger at Pastis, although I hear it is excellent. We were told that the heat was not working, but the bus folks provided us with blankets (poor bus driver). Freedom is a crazy driver but not as crazy. The bus had some issues so we had to stop for an hour at the rest area north of Baltimore. Still no heat and now no light for reading I could contemplate the nightmare that is the 95 corridor. I have to say, I was glad it wasnt the middle of summer and the AC wasnt working.

We arrived at the almost timely time of 12:20ish AM. I was impressed, despite an hour long stop she got us to the ville so promptly (good job).

There are some annoying people riding the bus, but most are normal, not annoying types. I really support the idea of cville-nyc shuttle, but I prefer not to worry about the condition of the bus (preferring instead to worry about crazy other drivers).

Chris asked whether I would do it again...I considered the question, an unenthusiastic 'sure' was the response.

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mckora said...

G.K. was late that nigtht on the "China Town" bus. Seems they oversold the one he was scheduled for and he had to wait. Got in at 11:00PM. Now he's thinking about Greyhound!!