Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Charlottesville Radio

I am addicted to talk radio, primarily of the NPR, BBC variety available through local public radio stations. When I left cville there were no talk shows available, now Radio IQ has succesfully replaced the shows of WAMU I listened to for years in Northern Virginia. I surprised myself though because NOW I listen to another talk show between 4-6 weekdays, Charlottesville...Right Now on WINA AM 1070.

Coy Barefoot is the host and he does a good job. Of course I know Coy from way back (who doesnt?), he wasnt nearly as responsible then and not the 'best selling author and historian' he is now. He is an upright citizen now- I guess I am too (my how things change).

I love the opportunity for fellow c'ville residents to spout off, I appreciate hearing the opinions of my neighbors (I think that is why I like blogging). Coy also usually has a blogger on, recently Waldo, Kenton Ngo, & Commonwealth Conservative. Also Kevin Lynch, Bob McDonnell, and Rob Bell have been interviewed. I have never heard anything more than a sound bite from Rob & Bob so it is a public service to have extended interviews with these fellows.

It is nice to have a local afternoon radio show in Charlottesville, it is better than the never-ending loop of the same news stories on tv (do we really need that much tv news on in the evening?).
Tune in!

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