Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jeff Cup

Blue Wheel sponsors the first bike race of the season- The Jefferson Cup right here in Charlottesville. Very exciting time was had by all. The race is held off Rt. 20 between Cville and Scottsville. Thankfully the weather was good and no accidents happened during Chris's race (phew).

Chris had an awesome break at during lap two per 'the plan' (a plan I knew nothing about). Sean got photos, I will post if he sends them to me. Really exciting stuff to see him cornering and breaking away from this 50 person pelaton. Of course he was spent after that so the next lap wasnt as glorious...but he did finish and his teammates were appreciative.

Happily the boys were well-behaved. It helps when there are other children to play with (sticks & dirt help too).

Next race- time trial Wintergreen in May sponsored by Cville Bike and Tri.

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Chris said...

Next race:
April 29/30
Ed Elliott Memorial Omnium
Natural Bridge & Waynesboro, VA