Monday, March 27, 2006


For my 100th post, I thought I should discuss very important worldly matters. Just then though, I ate a salad at Sticks. Ok I have been eating Sticks salads for months, they are delicious. I usually have the Steak with the lime-cilantro dressing. I digress, the single best ingredient is the crouton. They are tiny and flavorful and add A LOT to this otherwise demure salad.

Anyway, Sticks croutons have helped me enjoy salads a lot more. I have been eating lots of salad lately, usually lettuce, red pepper and cucumbers, with a little dressing (except when I was in NYC, we added tomato, avocado and feta and made our own dressing- very satisfying). Well, add some whole wheat croutons (serving size 6 croutons) and it adds some pizzaz to a meal that can easily be boring. Sadly I ran out of my Pepperidge Farm WW croutons, only to be replaced by no name fat free (DONT DO IT). I will be shopping again soon for those delicious PF croutons. If only Sticks would market their croutons. OK I have spent enough time on this topic. Anoop mentions Sticks in a post today.

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