Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Baseball News

Soriano is to play left field. Wow- really!? Can you imagine...getting paid 10 million dollars to play baseball, then not wanting to go along with management's decision to put you in left field. I mean you still get to play baseball and get paid, even though you have no discernible fielding and hitting abilities anymore.

Now that the World Series of Baseball is over, what good can you say about baseball? Like Mike says players just have no heart, Soriano proves it- if he had heart, he would play no matter where coach put him. BTW- I was a Soriano fan back when he was good, but I was very disappointed with his recent WSB play and post-season play in general- he just doesnt have the swing/eye like he used to.


odds/sodds said...

I don't mean to be insulting, but your comments about Soriano are absurd. Yes, he makes 10 million a year. He makes that money because he has been able to perform and display his abilities at the highest level. Playing 2nd base and playing left field require extremely different skills. (I can't believe I have to point this out) Pretend for a moment that you spent your entire life developing particular skills and you were well rewarded for it and then rather than take advantage of what you do best your boss decided that you should do something that you were not as skilled at. Now consider that you will be performing this task with hundreds of thousands of people scrutinizing absolutely every thing you do and letting you know exactly what they think of it. Understand that a player's performance in the field can affect their performance at the plate and vice versa. Consider that should you not perform at the absolute highest level under difficult circumstances your next contract will not be for 10 million. The question is not why is Soriano unhappy playing an unfamiliar position. The question is why would the Nationals be so stupid as to acquire two top tier players for the same position. Soriano's heart has never been in question.

Jennifer said...

A fair point about the Nationals, one I totally agree with. Vidro is clearly a better second baseman though, Soriano can either play left field or not play at all. We all adapt in our jobs and for ten million dollars (this) year I would adapt. I am just jealous he gets to play baseball.

Anonymous said...

odds/sodds is out in left field too. We are talking 10 MILLION a year to play baseball! AND he is on a downward spiral. Just play ball stupid.