Monday, March 27, 2006

Signs, stickers & swag oh my

Annoying Schilling signs have been posted in this city since before the Republican primary (way back in February). I have seen exactly two stickers for Norris/Taliaferro on the back of cars and no signs.

Someone told me the Democratic party doesnt like to hand out the stickers/signs too early. I have no confirmation that is true, but it sure seems like it. What is 'too early' the election is May 2, 5 weeks! RELEASE THE SIGNS PEOPLE!

Also make them look better, the two stickers I saw did not demonstrate enthusiasm. Frankly it feels like Schilling may have this race locked up- the only question is Dave or Julian? WITHOUT SIGNS NO ONE KNOWS!

Voters need something to get to the polls on May 2, if Schilling appears to be winning the sign war then less likely dem supporters will show up. I know the counterargument: people wont show up if it seems like a cakewalk for the dems. I have to say at this point we have a horserace and voter turnout is going to be key.
I am not a political consultant- but is downright depressing to drive/walk/bike this city and see so many signs for Schilling and NONE for Norris/Taliaferro.

I have concerns at this point at the commitment of the cville democratic party to get Norris AND Taliaferro elected, should we just start printing our own?

I am just not sure what the party is doing if they cant even release signs for the political candidates within two months of the me understand.


Lloyd Snook said...

Jennifer -- first, the good news. The signs will be going out, and hopefully up, in about a week or so. The Democratic campaign has usually figured that Charlottesville voters don't really start paying serious attention to the City Council election until about mid-April, and that yard signs that are put up before then don't really make much of a dent on the public consciousness. In fact, 20 years ago, the Republicans and Democrats had a sort of informal agreement that we would not put up yard signs until after the Dogwood Festival -- the feeling was that if we are trying to sell Charlottesville's beauty to visitors, dogwood blossoms work better than political signs. But that doesn't seem to be the prevailing ethos any more. Too bad.

If you want a Taliaferro and Norris yard sign, call Democratic headquarters at 296-1865. We deliver!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Lloyd, I appreciate your comment and the history lesson. I look forward to getting my sign, although I dont have much traffic on this end of the street. After writing the post, I did look at Dave Norris's website and the Chville Dem website, I like the new look with the dogwood blossoms, more inspired than previous look.

Bill Wells said...

Lloyd Snook wrote:

the feeling was that if we are trying to sell Charlottesville's beauty to visitors, dogwood blossoms work better than political signs. But that doesn't seem to be the prevailing ethos any more.

I agree lets keep the dogwood festival free of politics by moving the city council elections to November when all the normal elections are held. That's when they should be held in the first place.

Blair said...

Jennifer, I'm sorry to inform you that this is made up history. David Toscano repeated this lie on Charlottesville Right Now on WINA on Monday.

Yard signs go up a couple weeks after the nominating convention--however long it takes to have them printed up after you learn who the candidates are. After the Dogwood Festival would give only 1-2 weeks for signs.

Schilling's sign are up so early because they're recycled from 4 years ago. Same color. Same layout. Same slogan. But nobody's criticizing him for that, maybe, because it shows an efficient use of resources.

This is the fourth council race I've been closely involved with. Yes, Schilling's signs were early but the Dogwood Festival is the crucial time to show your signs when the community is out and about.

The Democrats just make stuff up to fit the smear of the day. It is amazing to watch.