Tuesday, March 28, 2006

5th District caucus is upcoming

When? I dont know. I have signed up with one campaign to be a delegate, but I havent heard anything from them. Too bad really, I like that candidate a lot.

So this evening, I am preparing dinner (not even interesting enough to describe) and I get a phone call from Josh. Now I dont know who Josh is, but we talk,
'are you planning on coming to the caucus?' yes
'will you support Al Weed, Bern Ewert or are you undecided?' ... 'undecided'
'do you know that Al Weed has run four times and lost, lets not give him a fifth opportunity to lose' no comment
'can I send you some material in the mail?' sure

It is effective. However, this election may be different. With a little sunshine, the public may not approve of Virgil Goode's involvement in the Abramhoff scandal. I am not sure anyone could have beaten Goode prior to this year. Even this year he may be invincible, once the caucus is over, the political winds may be more obvious.

Hopefully the Dems dont hurt themselves too much in the run up to the caucus.


Dan Kachur said...

While I am still actually uncommitted in this caucus... and I probably will be so until there is a nominee... it is interesting to see Bern Ewert mischaracterizing Al Weed's record.

By my count, Al Weed has run for public office twice, not four times. Obviously, 2004 was a loss, and so was his primary challenge against Emily Couric, which was also, obviously and rightly, a loss.

Possibly he ran for the nomination for Senate that Creigh Deeds eventually got. I can't recall. But that would only make three.

And only once in a general election.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for your comments. Since I have just returned to town I could not accurately state the number of times Weed has run. Unfortunate that Ewert thinks he has to go negative on Weed to win the caucus. Will dems fall for it?