Monday, January 09, 2006


Now that the holidays are over, networks are finally putting on new shows again. I watched a new West Wing last night. (Sidenote- the episode was made even more poignant by John Spencer on 12/16, it focused on his character preparing for a debate).

Last week I watched new Office, Earl and Scrubs. I promise I am not that big of an NBC person, I suppose they were just first off the block. I do not appreciate ABC's recap episodes in place of new programming (Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives (which I do not watch), Lost and I am sure others). This week Lost & Grey's Anatomy are new. Santa brought me some new RW DVDs since the old ones appear to be worn so I am ready for new programming and February sweeps.
One would think with the dearth of new programming I would be watching General Hospital (taped of course) alas I have completely lost interest. I still pay attention to the GHH website for spoilers/rumors. I am sure the loss of interest is temporary.

The Frontline series Country Boys starts tonight. I may have to record it, although it conflicts with other recording on Tuesday and Wednesday. I heard the producer (director I dont know) talking about it on Day to Day (thank you Radio IQ) and the commercials for it are compelling. Clearly it is on my 'to do' list, reading the website, apparently I can watch the whole thing online- we may have to record it that way- COOL. Browsing the Frontline website reveals even more interesting programming including a Soldiers Heart.

Well this is more about TV than I have written about in ages, frankly I am a bit embarrassed - I will get over it in time to watch!

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