Monday, January 09, 2006


I regularly visit the unoffical Ivan Basso fan blog which gives me information on my favorite professional cyclist in English (since Basso's site is in Italian). I really enjoy the fan's comments and all the information e.g Basso was hit by a car the day after Christmas, he is ok, AND his wife is having another baby- he is quite the family man.
The blogger suggested the movie Overcoming. This is a movie about Team CSC and the 2004 Tour de France. The 2004 Tour was thrilling until the final time trial up Alpe d'Huez when Armstrong blew Ivan Basso out of the water. SO having this backstage view of it is so cool.
I havent seen all the extras (the winter training season is long so I am sure I will).

Cycle Sport had Basso on the cover last month with an in depth article (and lots of rather awesome photos).

It was the first time I read that magazine (or any cycling magazine not online), it was full of good gossip and interesting cycling news. I would definitely get it again. For example, did you know that a cycling team manager heard that Sony Erickson was sponsoring a team. That manager then went out a recruited several cyclists for this team, per contact at the company. Well...guess what? Sony was NEVER considering sponsoring a team (too bad- they really should) and all those cyclists and the manager are SOL. The cyclists have been scrambling to get contracts with other teams but many had said no to previous offers which were rescinded, so they are just left hanging. The sport is not good to its participants.

Anyway, the movie is great, it is a welcome break from winter mindset and makes me look forward to the racing season (both Chris' and the professionals).

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