Tuesday, January 10, 2006

City Parks

Trying to find an article in the archives of the Daily Progress I ran into this gem. The City Parks are 'tired.' Of course Waldo at cvillenews.com blogged about this a month ago (where was I on that day?).

Charlottesville services are generally very good. However, we use the parks frequently, I am particularly outraged at the pool situation. The kids will play on any playground equipment (tired or not) but the hours of the big pools (Washington and Meade) are so limited as to be irrelevant for working families.

I spent five years of my impressionable years in Glen Ellyn, IL (before moving here in the 80's). Sunset Park was my family's refuge for those long, hot summer days. At the time there were three pools and a playground, the pool was open till 9:00 on those summer nights (although there were occassional swim meets, we would walk all the way down there after dinner to be told we couldnt swim, those times were few and far between)/

With that as background, I return to Charlottesville with two toddlers and the pools close at 6 or 7 depending on the day (and at 5 possibly at the baby pools). We would rush to the pools after dinner to get in a few minutes of activity for the boys and their daddy, only to have to leave soon afterwards. I would appreciate at least one big pool staying open till 9:00. The Parks can remain tired but make it so that they are relevant to the families who are using them.

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