Tuesday, January 17, 2006

AMA seminar

I went to the American Marketing Association (Central Virginia Chapter) monthly seminar, the topic was "Marketing on a Shoestring". A smart audience member sang the praises of blogs- I think Jim and others would agree, blogs are great tools for marketing services and products. For instance, I found out about the seminar from the AMA's blog.

The panelists were exceptional (I thought). I know virtually nothing about marketing so I learned something every time someone said something. From the blog here are the panelists:
Representing Radio Olivia Branch (WMRA-NPR)
Pam Fitzgerald (The Ivy Group): Advertising, Design and Website issues.
Rusty Giles (Mid Atlantic Printers): Printing
Geoff Kilmer (Photoworks Creative Group): Trade Show Exhibits
Denny King (Paladin Pictures): Audio & Video Production
Jim McCabe (WCAV CBS19/WVAW ABC15/ WAHU Fox27 Television): Television
Ann McKenzie (The Daily Progress): Newspaper

The group generally focused on the best way to advertise with a limited budget. Needless to say, I will be using them in the coming years. I like the idea of sponsorship and all the great advertising that comes from it and sticking to your design (even if you are bored with it). Imprint the brain, apparently that is the ticket to succeeding in selling.
A few names thrown out at the seminar
"Everybody rides"
Plan 9
Harlan McGuire- um why are they going out of business? Where will I get my diamond cleaned for free again?
Whimsies, Beverlys, Shenanigans
I definitely recommend checking out future AMA Central Virginia offerings. They seem to have a good thing going.


Dave said...

That smart audience member was Missy Blankenship and she's already blogged about the program too!


Cheers and thanks for attending and blogging about it!

Dave Dolak
Central Virginia AMA President

Missy Blankenship said...

Wow, thanks, Jennifer and Dave, for the compliments. Definitely sounds like AMA needs to do a program on blogging! I had another audience member catch me before I left who had never heard of blogs and wanted more info. Be sure to email me at mailto:melissablankenship@friendship-industries.com for some very special (and FREE) additions for your blog to help you better track site visits, offer a search feature, easily allow others to subscribe to your blog with their very own RSS Reader and more.

Putting Friendship to Work for You,
Missy Blankenship
Director-Sales & Marketing