Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Starbucks bathroom bomb

Last night, Chris told me a bomb was found in a bathroom at a Starbucks in San Francisco, CA. A few things went through my mind (a) how come I didnt know this first? (I like it when I know stuff first in our relationship) (b) a bomb in Starbucks that seems like a big deal.

Apparently I was mistaken. The Post did not even have an article about it in this morning's paper. I admit I probably get an early edition of the paper but the incident happened around 4:00 EST yesterday, plenty of time to cut and paste an AP story into the paper. After searching the website, I finally found the story (off the wire section of the Nation).

As I have stated previously, I have a freak out mentality when it comes to bombs, snipers and other forms of terrorism, I tend to worry especially since I spent the past seven years in the Metro DC area (more importantly the last 4 years). As a country are we more immune to such finds thus making the fact only marginal news?

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