Thursday, January 05, 2006

TV Show "Book of Daniel" News

Does it ever work to generate controversy about a show to get it cancelled or preempted? Well apparently yes-The show has been preempted by some NBC affiliates (CNN reports). I would have predicted this show to be a nonstarter given NBC's abysmal ability to attract viewers, but now I think people may actually watch the shows. Americans really hate to be told they shouldnt watch something then for the show to be actually censored...well who knows the show may be a hit with all this great publicity.

The Book of Daniel refers to Old Testament scripture. This article explains some controversy over the interpretation of the Book of Daniel. The article demonstrates the choas that reigned during Daniel's era. I suppose the show on NBC (to give them a bit of undeserved understanding) attempts to use the choas of the character's life and gain valuable insight from his faith. Not really sure since I havent seen the show.

Alas American Family folks (not to be confused with friendly people) havent seen the show and are condemning it, forcing some affiliates to dump the show.
This post on the DailyKos amuses and delights regarding Book of Daniel.

Attempting to Google the actual show is pretty difficult given all the media and hate propoganda filling the internet about the show. My favorite quote is from Aiden Quinn the star who says it is a "wholesome" show.

I probably wont watch it because I am pretty busy and have a hard time getting into new shows (Grey's Anatomy excluded). BUT I am contemplate an act of religious disobedience and WATCH (cue surprise music).

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