Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year- New Books

Finally back at the computer with a moment of time to spare. What did I think when I started this blog? I thought I would have time to update on all the interesting goings on regularly. The holiday season has killed that illusion.
After buying for everyone this season, now I get to buy for myself (thanks!). First gift card to go, Barnes and Noble. Three books (a new low) I still have 8 dollars on it, but you can hardly find anything for that price there.

1) Intelligent Investor- Frank D recommended it to learn how to um.. invest wisely. He seems to know how to make his money work for him, I want my money to work for me- the book is large and small print (ugh). The book was written a long time ago but there were many copies available at the store so it must be good. I will start it soon after I read these other books.

2) What's the Matter with Kansas? I know I am behind the times but everyone I like loves this book so much, I thought I should read it.

3) Everyone Worth Knowing- this was my trashy novel pick, it is by the author who wrote the Devil Wears Prada. I stayed up until 3 AM reading it. It is a great trashy novel. I loved it. I am in denial about liking novels, I always buy this great non fiction books, some of which hold my attention and are interesting, but others ugh I am just bored by. I bought Sydney Blumenthal's book last year- I read about 1/3 of it. I enjoyed the parts I read, but it did not hold my attention like "The Nanny Dairies" or other fun fiction. My attention span has really diminished since having kids.

Being a homeowner now, I received a gift card to Lowe's; decisions, decisions. Do I get something practical (carpet for the kids room) OR fun like outdoor furniture (perhaps a fireplace)? What great problems to have. Also I get to shop at Blue Ridge Mountain Sports- that should be fun- I think I will not buy a kayak (David would love it though- but he has plenty of toys to play with after two big Christmas').
Now to restock our house with food. Amazing how a week away can make the fridge appear so sparse.

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