Thursday, January 05, 2006

Armed Robberies in Charlottesville

Generally I do not watch the news here in Charlottesville. I was addicted to the news in northern virginia and here I dont feel the constant threat of terrorist attacks like I did there so I watch the news less.

So I am driving home this AM from my walk with mom (thanks!) and I hear the short news break on the radio.
One story involved a suspicious package at Fashion Square mall that left parts of the mall closed for several hours.
The other story involved a string of armed robberies (2) over the course of a day (three suspects at large).

These armed robberies come on the heels of additional robberies lately an armed robber attempted to rob a woman walking on the 2100 block of JPA on New Year's Day (she sprayed them with pepper spray) and before Christmas there were at least two attempted robberies in parking lots (Barracks Road and KMart Shopping Center).
Anyone with information call Crimestoppers at (434) 977-4000

I hope the police catch these guys soon. The thing about northern virginia news is generally I never had any clue about where these crimes were happening, in Charlottesville I always know where it is.

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