Thursday, July 24, 2008

WINA's decision

I listened to Charlottesville Right Now's host Coy Barefoot reaction to Savage's comments on CPN this afternoon.

I am so grateful that WINA has taken Savage off the air. I never listened to him- but I happened to watch 5 minutes of the end of the Larry King show during the TdF rest day on Monday. Glenn Beck guest-hosted and apparently Savage had come on and been completely unapologetic and downright confrontational with no supporting evidence to back up his statements. Two doctors had about 30 seconds each to dispute the apparently numerous (I didnt see Savage, based on the doctor's remarks I make the following statement) unsubstantiated and misleading remarks. The doctors were compelling and persuasive- you know since they have medical degrees.

I appreciate Coy sharing his son's autism with the WINA audience. He is one of the few people I know who has a child with an autism related disorder. Coy's experience is a window into a world we usually dont get to see or hear about, and since we know Coy (mostly from the radio), we cant ignore, make fun of or malign him or his son and no one else can either. Coy's sincerity and his experience is not something we can deny.

Thank you to all the WINA folks who emailed/called the station to get that guy off the air in our area. And thank you to Coy for sharing his experience with us, giving us a window into a world that we wouldnt necessarily know about, making it real to us and making it unacceptable for this community to continue to listen to someone who is so hateful to something so personal.

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