Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More China related Olympic stuff

Surprise, ok not really. China and IOC have made a deal, a deal they told no one about, in fact they expressed the opposite. Foreign journalists were to have unrestricted access to the internet while reporting on the games. Well some journalists noticed they could not access Amnesty's website after its critical report came out last week. So those pesky reporters started poking around, and now this report from Yahoo!News indicates that IOC and China made a deal to restrict some sensitive, non-Games related websites.

I would be concerned if I were headed to China for the Games. In a country where the government can do anything they want, it usually does whatever it wants.

And the IOC is shockingly corrupt if it would deal on this which was one of the few demands it had placed on China (unrestricted access to the internet).

I really hope NBC does its job reporting on everything not just the happy smiling stuff. What I appreciate about Phil and Paul's coverage of the Tour de France is they never gloss over the bad stuff.

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