Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ttransportation/immunity busy day in capitals.

I absolutely disagree with NLS's assessment of Kaine's term as Governor. I stopped reading that blog a long time ago- hyperbole is not my cup of tea. I do think the post presents an opportunity to think about Gov. Kaine's term, but today is not that day.

Today is the day to rail on House Republicans of course. I am not saying Gov. Kaine's solution is the only and best solution, but given the alternative (nada) who can argue he wasnt doing the best he could in this environment? While I mostly have disdain for the Dillon Rule, since we in Virginia have it and apparently hold it near and dear to our heart, perhaps regional transportation authorities for a statewide issue isnt the best idea? I havent heard any good ideas, and I fear ultimately the climate is wrong for a compromise solution, but think of the glory someone could get if they actually came up with a mediated solution, anyone...anyone,

This also is an unhappy day because of the US Senate's passage of the Surveillance Telecom Immunity Bill. It propurts to tighten restrictions of surveillance, but I dont trust the unintended consequences aspect, including telecom immunity.

How are we supposed to exercise our rights when corporations so freely and routinely give up our information. We rely a lot on private corporations to be respectful of our private information, and they rely on our money to keep them in business. Its usually a good relationship, but then the government gets involved and all heck blows up. I dont mind a cap on damages, but immunity from lawsuits- its a slippery slope to prevent lawyers from protecting their clients with lawsuits, its happening more and more, and as it does so to go our rights.

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