Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Twitter/WF and Sonic Drive In

Because of Twitter and Jim Duncan I now follow Whole Foods tweets which led me to their blog and now I must go shopping. It is impressive how this store is using social networking to maximize their branding. I am really looking forward to earning more money so I can afford to go to WF when the store opens in the city (fingers crossed), for now I will stick with the items that are in fact cheaper at WF than at other stores (milk for one).

One of the latest things I want in Charlottesville is Sonic Drive IN. I discovered it in Waynesboro a few months ago, and found it again in Virginia Beach and Hampton. Honestly I know very little about their food, I enjoyed the breakfast sandwich I bought there in May. But in my mind, the place is all about drinks and desserts, whatever type of you can possibly think of.

Look at this fun map of where Sonic's core and developing markets are. If you are interested in a franchise check out that part of the website too. Perhaps if they were on twitter I could be the first to know when the next one is built near us.

I know - why would I want to promote drive in places when less vehicle will help our energy crisis NOW? It is a good question, but I dont want to have to drive over the mountain for my blackberry sprite fix (j/k I prefer the malteds and coffee drinks).

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