Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Now I guess I have to watch the videos, I have been trying to avoid them.
The short story- video of Virgil Goode walking in the Scottsville Parade surfaced shortly after the 4th of July. The video seemed to suggest that Virgil Goode came with the Hummer and that Goode was in favor of a do anything approach to obtaining oil for our gas guzzling vehicles. However, turns out as with most things, there is more to the story. But that would be the end of it, except for John Stewart featured some of the video on the Daily Show last night in a segment called Rapper or Republican (see above link).

My friend Chris, a Sorenson classmate, owns the Hummer in the video and is deeply offended by the inaccuracy of the video. Virgil didnt come in the Hummer, the Fluvanna Republicans came in it. I was at the parade, there is nothing remotely interesting or funny about the Hummer or Goode walking in the parade.

I know perception is reality, but in case anyone is interested in the reality here- Virgil Goode, someone I loathe to defend in any arena, simply did not bring the Hummer to the parade, nor did he ride in it, in fact he walked the entire time. The day was fun-filled, full of small town cheer and patriotism. Tom Perriello had nothing to do with the video, he is too busy running an outstanding campaign (find out more here)

If this video hadnt made it to the Daily Show I would never have mentioned it. But my friend Chris' point is that the video is "intentionally misleading their
constituents, and stating that a good man, whether you agree with his
politics or not, wants to kill people from other countries for greed.
" The video and the song that overlays are wrong.

There are MANY (Keith Ellison) real (legislative record) reasons to vote for Tom Perriello and to vote against Mr. Goode, the Hummer is not one of them.

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