Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More grieving- I am at anger with the media.

"Coalition Troop Deaths in Afghanistan surpass Iraq."

Comparisons of death tolls? This is what we have come to? The article is about numbers, not people or war, just numbers.

Why am I so irritated by this?
1. Progress or lack of progress is not measured by numbers of dead.
2. Behind the numbers are PEOPLE- with families who prefer not to be regarded as a number to compare to another war.
3. I want to know WHY, ANALYZE the information, dont just be spoon fed the information and spoon feed it back. I dont go to CNN for in depth analysis, I do however expect some context to be provided. The article is all the same talking points regurgitated- including the particularly egregious "resiliant Taliban" as if we didnt know that already- it is Afghanistan- resiliant is the foundation of being Afghan(i).
4. CNN perpetuates the notion that the only thing newsworthy in these two wars we are involved in is the death of troops- I am sure the troops who are protecting each other, us and the countrymen of Iraq/Afghanistan believe newsworthy things are happening all the time. Even if blood and guts sells, wounded people be mentioned and perhaps even the heroics of those who died. Context being KEY.

I will now try to find acceptance and/or something less frustrating to blog about.

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