Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Numbers make people seem meaningless. The higher the number the greater the chance of ignoring. In Sundayand today's Post a couple of nice articles on families/friends and soldiers. Some are injured, some are dead. The public has not been asked to sacrifice for this war. There is a true disconnect between the soldiers in the field and those not really affected by the war. How can one bridge the divide or make a sacrifice for those who give so selflessly of themselves?

Here is where I plead for better care of our injured soldiers. Families are giving up a lot to care for these soldiers, and who wouldn't? Why in the midst of battling the greatest challenges do these families and injured soldiers have to fight the government bureaucracy to get services they are entitled to?

Everything seems so trite compared to the sacrifices the soldiers (and their families) are making for our country. Forget politics, it is humbling to witness the commitment of those who serve. Let us not forget to remain humbled and grateful.

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